Who We Are

iN4Structure Ltd. was established by five (5) gentlemen in July 2011 – Mark Melo, Dan Elliott, Manuel Da Silva, Luis Da Silva and Sam Tavares. Our main line of work is, but not restricted to, installing and/or repairing sewer and water main systems in new or existing subdivisions. 

At iN4Structure Ltd, we pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and hard work. We value our employees and have respect for all employees, suppliers, clients, subcontractors and the public at large. We believe in treating people fairly and how we would want to be treated. Our core values include teamwork, dedication, loyalty, quality and innovation. These values help to guide, influence and support us in our business practices each and every day.

Our Services

Maintenance Holes

Maintenance holes play a crucial role in sewer systems, and iN4Structure’s proficiency enables us to skillfully install maintenance holes tailored to diverse sizes and depths, meeting the specific requirements of each application. Our commitment to safety and precision ensures that clients can trust the quality and reliability of our work.
iN4Structure Large Maintenance Hole
iN4Structure Ltd crew on location

Sewer and Watermain

There are many different sewer types, with sanitary sewers and storm sewers being the most prevalent. We adhere to best work practices and employ cutting-edge technology to skillfully install sewers, accommodating various sizes, depths, and materials across a spectrum of soil and ground conditions.

Watermain, a pressurized system, distributes potable water to both commercial and residential structures, and it serves as a crucial water supply for firefighting through features like fire hydrants. iN4Structure possesses the requisite expertise to install watermain systems of varying sizes across numerous applications.
Our proficiency extends to installing sewer and watermain systems in new residential and commercial/industrial subdivisions, encompassing projects of diverse scales. Additionally, we excel in reconstruction endeavours, further demonstrating our capability to navigate projects of varying complexity and scope.

Road Installation

Leveraging both technology and expertise, iN4Structure possesses the capability to construct the roads and parking lots essential for our clients. Our precision guarantees that the asphalt and concrete we deploy not only withstand the intended traffic load but also meet stringent safety standards and aesthetic requirements.
We recognize the importance of balancing quality, budget considerations, and time constraints
iN4Structure Roadway expansion in Kitchener Ontario
iN4Structure Employees working on location


unionized environment, including Liuna Local 837 (labourers) and Operations union 793

benefit packages

competitive rates

growth potential

training opportunities

Safety is Priority #1
Certified ISO 45001:2018

iN4Structure Henry Ford quote on a Team Photo

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We can’t wait to hear from you. 

226 Boida Avenue, Ayr, ON, N0B 1E0

Tel: 519-594-0151
Fax: 519-620-7480

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